In Support Of A 2011 Rapture

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Q&A, Rapture
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Q. I read one of your posts where you said you believe in a 2011 rapture. I won’t ask you to revisit why you believe in pre-tribulation rapture as I have read those posts. I’m interested in your studies(mentioned in your post) that founds your estimation of 2011. I’d also like to say that I’m not attacking any of your views or asking you to defend them. In fact I find them quite hopeful, though sometimes I have doubt just because it seems to be good to be true. Leaving this world in such fashion is not something I’m opposed to, and a departure in said manner next year is tempting, and feels too tempting to pin my hopes on.


A. It wasn’t very complex.  I took Matt. 24:34 to mean the generation that sees the first of the end times signs will not all die before the Lord returns.  Most scholars agree that the first of the signs was the re-birth of Israel.  (Here’s a link to my study on why the re-birth of Israel is the primary end times sign.)

Psalm 90:10 says an average Biblical lifespan is 70 years. Isaiah 23:15 confirms this. 1948 plus 70 brings the 2nd Coming to 2018.  The rapture has to happen at least 7 years prior to allow for Daniel’s 70th week to be completed. (Romans 11:25 and Acts 15:13-18 say the Church has to be gone before the 70th week begins.)  This is just my conclusion based on my study.  You should do your own study and come to your own conclusion.

By the way, is there a time for the rapture that wouldn’t be too tempting to pin your hopes on, or seem too good to be true?


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