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Many prognosticators have opined that since President Obama essentially lost control of the domestic agenda with the loss of the House in the mid-term elections, he will now turn his attention to the one area he does control almost absolutely: foreign policy. And that makes the Israelis nervous. That’s because the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” is the one issue for which Obama can expect unanimous Arab/Muslim support – which he apparently craves. And since he’s demonstrated an overt preference for the Muslim perspective over the Jewish, there’s little doubt that his sympathies will lie with the Palestinian cause. That doesn’t bode well for Israel.

We’ve already witnessed several “manufactured crises” in the US-Israeli relationship during the past two years. Knowledgeable observers have predicted that the next “manufactured crisis” will come soon and will probably involve Israeli building activities in Jerusalem.

Scarcely had those words left their computers, when the “crisis” hit. And, sure enough, it involves Israeli plans to build 1,300 apartments in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. In fact, President Obama couldn’t even wait until he got home from his G20 trip to wade into the fray. He criticized Israel from Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation. (He was applauded by the Muslim world for doing so. It may have been the only “high point” of the trip for the President!)

But the plot thickens.

Almost immediately after the President’s remarks, it was learned that the US administration had offered Israel a “deal” to induce it to accept America’s plan for the process. That deal involves more serious consideration of Israel’s security concerns, free military hardware, protection from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and a promise of protection at the UN Security Council (remember, just last week the US had tacitly threatened not to veto a Palestinian plan to declare statehood in the Security Council). All of this and more if Israel will agree to a 90-day building freeze in the settlements, but NOT in Jerusalem. The Palestinians protested that no freeze on building in Jerusalem means no Palestinians at the peace table!

So why did the President and the State Department make such a big deal out of the Israeli plan to build in Jerusalem if they were about to offer them an exemption anyway?

Of course, the Israeli military brass are drooling over the offer of 20 free F-35 joint strike fighter jets, but others in the Israeli government smell a trap. So do I. That smell is either a trap or the stench of massive American incompetence and confusion. Either way, it’s nothing to be proud of.

As Sherlock Holmes sometimes said to Doctor Watson, “The game is afoot.”

Also on this week’s program: As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to share with you why I think it’s more important than ever to understand the power of praise in thanksgiving to God. Our nation faces real and present dangers. Our citizenry faces challenges we’ve not faced in decades. As I report weekly on “The Hal Lindsey Report,” the threats are mounting and the odds appear to be impossible. But it’s precisely at those moments that the power of praise and gratitude to God can be our pathway to victory.

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